Preparation Guide

Your pictures are precious. To make sure you get the best out of the experience there are a few things you may wish to consider.

  • Where do you want to hang your picture?
  • Consider the decor of that room
  • Choose clothes that compliment that decor (- plain colours work well.) Consider a couple of outfits, -perhaps one brightly coloured and another in white, maybe with jeans. Girls look great with swirly skirts! Our advice is that it's best to avoid clothing with large logos,,numbers or writing on them, as these can become too dominant in the photographs
  • If you are having a group photograph you do not have to match but you do not want a clash of colours and patterns either
  • Decide on the location of your shoot. This can be at your home, (we can also bring our portable studio) or outside - such as a local park, woods, street, city centre, beach. Exterior shots look great as they are natural and contemporary. Alternatively you can have a mixture of indoor and outdoor images
  • We will get the best out of you all, and being asked to smile is sometimes the worst thing you can do - the end result can be forced and unnatural
  • If the shoot is taking place indoors put your favourite music on the stereo
  • We are often inspired to try out new ideas. Each experience is unique and our aim is to capture the essence of you and your children. We encourage them to have fun and include their favourite things from cuddly toys, skateboards, skipping ropes, musical instruments, sports equipment, even the family pet, or for adults a favourite hat or handbag
  • Let us know the look you are after, ask to see examples, or show us your favourite picture from home or a magazine

Most of all remember that we are taking your pictures. We want you to be thrilled with the results. If you are not happy then neither are we. So ask any questions, make any suggestions and most of all enjoy yourself!

Keith & Jenny
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